Womens Extreme Wrestling Vol. 5-8 DVD
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4 EVENTS on TWO Double-Sided Discs!



The divas of WEW are truly the innovators of dysfunctional family entertainment! WEW combines Wild Enthusiasm and excitement of today's contemporary styled professional wrestling with all its stunts and charactersof scantily clad, young and vivacious, for true ultimate audience intoxication. If you are looking for the most outrageous storylines, vignettes, locker room drama, high flying wrestling battles with tables, ladders, chairs, blood and guts, and some KICK ASS HARDORE DIVA WRESTLING, then you are in the right arena!
What you're going to see on this DVD are the truly hot, sexy, exotic, and erotic "Divas of the Extreme."
Enter G.I. Ho, "The Smoked Out Icon", TAI "Killer" Weed, The P.W.O. "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, the Hardcore Schoolgirl, the Exotic Latin Goddess, and "Booty Bangin Slammin" Nurse T, plus all the superstar divas of WEW all on this DVD set!
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Womens Extreme Wrestling Vol. 5-8 DVD

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