Samurai Resurrection DVD NEW
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Vengeance from hell! 37,000 peasants perished in the Shimabara Revolt; among them, the leader of that uprising, Shiro Amakusa. More than a decade later, Amakusa rises from the dead hell-bent on revenge. Resurrecting a ghastly army of living dead master swordsmen by way of an occult art called Makai Tensho, he sets his sights on overthrowing the Shogunate. Standing in their way legendary samurai Jubei Yagru will have to fight the reincarnation of his own father before the fierce final confrontation with Shiro Amakusa, himself! Special Features include historical background, behind the scenes, deleted scenes, special effects, trailer and TV spots. 2 DVDs. English dubbed, Japanese with English subtitles.

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Samurai Resurrection DVD NEW

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