Nikolai Volkoff Shoot Interview DVD-R
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One of the greatest villains of all time--a villain we all loved to hate but over the last few decades have grown to admire and respect, Nikolai Volkoff sits down for an unforgettable exclusive shoot interview installment courtesy of Pro Wrestling Diary!

Nikolai discusses in detail his memorable one-hour broadways with Bruno Sammartino for the World Title in the 1970s at MSG that is still talked about 35 years later!   Also hear Nikolai speak on Sammartino as a worker, mentor and leader.

Also, we cover the national expansion of the WWE in the 1980s and its transition into the mainstream.  Furthermore, Nikolai being a major factor in the first WrestleManiawinning the tag team titles along with the Iron Sheik.  And WrestleManias II, III, IV, VI, and XVII are included as well!

Nikolai talks about the TNT segmentsincluding the infamous, Nikolai, this is your life!

Volkoff also talks about his matches with Hulk Hogan, including the famous flag match from Saturday Nights Main Event in 1985.   

Hear stories from Nikolai himself of the multiple times he feared for his life for his renditions of singing the Russian National Anthem before every one of his matches. Which time did he fear for his life the most?  Find out. 

Nikolai discusses his great friend and long time tag partner, The Iron Sheik.

What was Nikolais take on the Scott Hall incident at Sheiks roast?  Also, which two main event superstars did Nikolai compare each other as a Cadillac and a Bicycle?  You do not want to miss this!

The angle w/ Ted Dibiase and the Million Dollar Corporation.

Nikolai speaks freely on great road stories and ribs hes seen throughout the years, including Mr. Fuji, Slick, Fred Blassie, Iron Sheik, and others.

Finally, The Hall of Famer tells a memorable story of the late, Classy Freddie Blassie and his estranged daughter before his death.

Nikolai Volkoff speaks from the heart from everything from the evils of Communism, living through personal tragedies, escaping to the United States for a better life,

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Nikolai Volkoff Shoot Interview DVD-R

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